Srex. organises expeditions throughout the world, and provides travelers with useful online information

We have only been operating for one year in which we have visited some amazing places, as individuals we are experienced travelers. We organise trips putting together complex itineraries, these are based on our objectives, which are, to have fun, see the most extraordinary places, experience new cultures, and taste weird and wonderful food. Most of our expeditions are rated low budget, which means no fancy hotels, swimming pools, or restaurants; we feel it ads to the whole experience using local transport, eating local food, and joining in local activities, we do though tend to break up long stretches by having a

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couple of luxury days in between. We are pretty much always on the go, just at a nice steady pace. Anybody can join us, individuals, couples, small parties, and although we try to adhere to our itinerary, everybody has a say in what we do. We don't charge anything, you will only need to pay for your own expenses (we don't pay anything for you).

Why join us, What are the advantages and benefits?

....For a start if your anything like us, you will agree the more the merrier.

....There is safety in numbers, especially if you like wandering off the beaten track

....We put together a complex itinerary, based on seeing the most extraordinary places,

....We thoroughly research the areas in which we travel, for dangerous, animals / places, weather, contact telephone numbers, places to stay, local food.

....You will be travelling with at least the two of us, we have a good knowledge of traveling, mountaineering, climbing, caving, kayaking, first aid, driving, and of course scams abroad.

....Use of our equipment, world GPS, maps, firstaid kit, 2way radio, emergency items,

What do we get up to? Think tomb raider, allot of our adventures lead us through jungles deserts small villages temples high mountains markets secluded beaches etc, experiencing ancient cultures rituals and tasting local cuisine. And although we love Bear Grylls we try to avoid those survival type situations. We are not always abroad and most of our short expeditions are here in the UK. Being based near the black mountains gives us huge opportunity for countless trips. So if your up for a spot of camping climbing caving gorge-walking coasteering hiking site seeing, then get mailing.

On all of our expeditions you are sure to be lost for words, seeing amazing wildlife panoramic scenery ancient buildings temples and cultures, and all while feeling safe even after dark. If you like the sound of what we do and would maybe like to join us on one of our Expeditions? Then please mail us a photo and some general information about yourself, and we'll get back to you with this years plan. We are regularly busy so please allow up to 30 days for a reply! We can only except x amount of persons so get in quick